Can you demonstrate to the investor that you:

==> Know what you’re doing,
==> Understand how to close sales,
==> Have a good idea, backed with enthusiasm,
==> Have solid management expertise - resumes, job descriptions, organizational chart,
==> Are sound financially - net worth statement,
==> Have a Business / Marketing Plan, including financial projections, summary (Term Sheet),
==> Can show how the business meets customers’ needs,
==> Can demonstrate how investors win,
==> Have associated legal / investment documentation.
==> Have due diligence information available including:

o Financials,
o Asset appraisals,
o Valuations of intellectual and intangible assets (to bolster the value of financials),
o Exit strategy, … more,

LDI BENEFITS your business:

  • Bookkeeping, specialized financial documents,
  • Accurate financial information,
  • Access financing speedily,
  • Business Plans,
  • Business writing for product documentation, technology transfer, job descriptions, updating manuals,
  • Blended Learning to train trainers, new managers,update technological, legislative, business and social changes, on-boarding employees,
  • Temporary replacements for CFO, finance and HR positions.

Business writing solutions

Chances are that you are going to have to write a whole lot more than you thought you would.

… even though you don’t intend to be a professional writer.

But you will write:

Reports, Updates, Proposals, Emails, Articles and more.

I can show you how or I can do it for you. Call David @ 403-293-7689.


Click here to download the current rate sheet.

For Small and Medium-sized Businesses:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Cash Management Systems (CMS),
  • QuickBooks set up; train your employees.
  • Learning / Training.
  • Technical/Business writing - business plans, job descriptions, administrative / employee and procedure manuals.
  • Specialized accounting documents.
  • Full range Financing.
  • Personal taxes.
  • Recruiting.
  • Executive temporary replacements.

QB Advisor

For more information please call 403-870-2606

LearningDirection Inc. brings a learning organization to you - a leadership company. Focus is on growing extraordinary businesses across Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan and beyond.

Neat information

Cash flow is the lifeblood of successful companies.

After all, a disruption can cause embarrassment, increase costs and make more work for you and your staff. Understanding your cash position at any point in time helps eliminate unforeseen shortfalls. LDI makes managing your cash-flow transparent and easy to understand. Our efforts make it a snap for you to balance incoming and outgoing cash – a major help for you to improve your cash flow.

Mr Fixit

Cash flow management must be proactive and forecasted at least 3-6 months in the future to be effective.

Without an ability to define future shortfalls you cannot react in time to protect the firm’s capacity to meet its needs.


What if you could improve efficiencies and save costs by streamlining your payment processes?
Companies like yours are making the switch to electronic payments. In fact, studies show a substantial decline in the use of cheques over the last 10 years.

Training Trainers

Providing a first-rate performer with simple adult learning skills takes far less energy, is more effective and less costly than importing a trainer.

In-house Trainers

No one learns as much about a topic as one who teaches it.
Developing instructional guides / staff from within helps move learners and first-rate performers to efficiency and subject matter excellence.

Self Directed Learning vs Classrooms

If a whole lot of us prefer self-directed learning with interaction, some guidance and lots of reading or a generous combination of learning styles, why is there so much classroom/lecture stuff still happening?

Link talent management to business strategy

Working with you, we can attract and / or develop talent, and as a result, contribute to overall effectiveness and performance.

In-house Financial Planning

Do your organization’s financials help you make informed, impactful decisions and set goals that boost your bottom line? Help available from LDI 403-870-2606.


Look out when you rely on anything obsolete – in particular HR practices that were once productive but no longer work.

If you are an executive without a background in talent management, hire someone with the experience.

An HR review can pay for itself many times over. Changes in HR practices impact your business to improve productivity and performance – and - it increases labour law compliance.

Try recruiting and managing people who have critical knowledge skills

For solutions call 403-870-2606 and talk to David St. Amand

Areas of Expertise

Contact LDI at 403.293.7689 or 403.870.2606 or 403.870.7602

  • Cash Management Systems, Bookkeeping, Accounting Services, Expand your business.

  • Low cost, friendly, high quality, quick turn around.

  • Structural Overhaul - references available for recent activity in Valleyview and Regina.

When a business “stumbles,” there have to be reasons.

To move forward again, a business may need an overhaul in financial, H/R, and liability structures to survive, stay fit and to grow again.

During recent assignments in Valleyview AB. and Regina SK., LDI built on financial re-structuring and renewed human resource structures to encourage growth.

The processes included: • Job descriptions, • A job matrix to show overlap, • An Organization Chart, • Role adjustment, • Recruiting/hiring/orienting employees.

  • Establish goals - for the business, for owners, employees.

  • Business plans.
    Click here to download a SAMPLE BUSINESS PLAN.

  • Documentation services for financing, grant applications, RFPs.

  • Learning / training services, training trainers.

  • Management (selection, training, short-term fill-in) – CFO, Bookkeepers, H/R, A/P, A/R.

  • Financing for your business - solutions for your project - finding the vehicle you need, what is available to provide you suitable low-cost options.

  • Coaching and Consulting - retail, manufacturing, high tech, oil and gas, finance, construction, post secondary education, aviation, agriculture).

We stay involved from beginning to end, improving what you have, minimizing potential hassle and ensuring a successful closing.

Contact LDI at 403.293.7689 or 403.870.2606 or 403.870.7602

The Team:

David J. St. Amand, LearningDirection Inc.
Learning, Business Analysis, HR Reviews, Technical Writing
Calgary Alberta

Eva St. Amand, LearningDirection Inc.
CMS (Cash Management Systems) Bookkeeping, QuickBooks
Calgary Alberta

David Caul, Biz-IQ
Culture Change, Contract CFO, Debt Financing
Victoria BC

Bill Feldstein, New Venture Consultants Inc.
Business Plans, Specialized Financial Documents
Calgary Alberta
Click here to download a SAMPLE BUSINESS PLAN.

Curtis Harren,
Optimum Profit and Effectiveness
Certified Business Coach
Calgary, Alberta

Contact LDI

Office 403.293.7689

Cell 403.870.2606, 403.870.7602


Our story.

We started out in Brooks AB. as Sune Systems Training and Development in 1993. 842090 Alberta Ltd., was incorporated in Calgary in August of 1999 and in January 2001 we became LearningDIRECTION Inc. (LDI).

In the beginning we delivered skills training in domestic construction and commercial electronics in Alberta and BC., and worked to build strategic alliances in the business community.

From 1999 to 2002, we got into an e-learning consortium. Although the learning curve was intense, the resultant training was, at best, re-branded lock step classroom instruction in a new package. We learned - over again - that the best learning is self-directed.

LDI is a learning organization in everything we do. Customers get active involvement in growth. We do - or can get done - much of what the “big” guys do - usually quicker and cheaper.

What now?

Thank you for your continued interest in LDI.

Contact us to explore how we can work with you to maximize your profit.

Make LDI your competitive advantage.

Profitable Idea