Does your company face near term financing pressures? The LDI team assists small and mid-sized businesses with short-term and longer-term financial needs. Our partners are skilled at restructuring proposals.

Does your company carry a heavy debt load?

Have you been keeping up with interest payments?

Do you have any more free cash

Can you continue?

Restructuring or bankruptcy could sneak up on you.

Do you know that lending institutions too may be facing difficulties because of outstanding loans?

When there is more work, can you afford to carry supplies, labour - and wait up to 90 days for payment?

You need our help - before the lender comes calling.

We work to

“…set ambitious targets and work backwards to find out what has to be done…”

Business Goal
Operational Process Goals
1. Better management,
2. Increased efficiency / profit / growth.

We stay involved from beginning to end, improving what you have, minimizing potential hassle and ensuring a successful closing.

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The Team:

Eva St. Amand, LearningDirection Inc.

Systematic research,
Quick Books installation, training.
Accounting records verification of accuracy
Opinion statement - Are financial statements presented fairly,
Adjustments to records if necessary,
Clear, transparent communications to stakeholders.

Calgary Alberta
Email: eva@learningdirection.com

David J. St. Amand, LearningDirection Inc.
Learning, Business Analysis, HR Reviews, Technical Writing
Calgary Alberta
Email: dstamand@learningdirection.com

David Caul, Biz-IQ
Culture Change, Contract CFO, Debt Financing
Victoria BC
Email: dcaul@biz-iq.com

Bill Feldstein, New Venture Consultants Inc.
Business Plans, Specialized Financial Documents
Calgary Alberta
Click here to download a SAMPLE BUSINESS PLAN.
Email: bill.nvc@telus.net

Contact LDI

Office 403.293.7689

Cell 403.870.2606, 403.870.7602

Email: info@learningdirection.com

Our story.

We started out in Brooks AB. as Sune Systems Training and Development in 1993. 842090 Alberta Ltd., was incorporated in Calgary in August of 1999 and in January 2001 we became LearningDIRECTION Inc. (LDI).

In the beginning we delivered skills training in domestic construction and commercial electronics in Alberta and BC., and worked to build strategic alliances in the business community.

From 1999 to 2002, we got into an e-learning consortium. Although the learning curve was intense, the resultant training was, at best, re-branded lock step classroom instruction in a new package. We learned - over again - that the best learning is self-directed.

LDI is a learning organization in everything we do. Customers get active involvement in growth. We do - or can get done - much of what the “big” guys do - usually quicker and cheaper.

What now?

Thank you for your continued interest in LDI.

Contact us to explore how we can work with you to maximize your profit.

Make LDI your competitive advantage.

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