How to manage Cash Flow.

When we do things with you and your organization.

We encourage you to become more responsible for your learning and to make your workplace a learning organization.

We challenge you to think differently and to do things differently.

Do you:

  • Have accurate and timely internal financial reporting?

  • Closely monitor accounts and make early identification of future cash deficits?

  • Match your current and long-term cash flows strategically?

  • Manage credit limits and follow up on receivables early?

  • Actively manage accounts payable?

  • Take advantage of early payment discounts?

  • Request extended payment terms?

  • Maintain adequate but lean amounts of inventory?

  • Approach reduced activity levels with creativity to solve staffing challenges?

Certified Advisor

We help you manage your cash and tailor it to:

  • Improve overall financial profitability.

  • Reduce and collect accounts receivable, increase collection rates.

  • Manage payables by forward planning.

  • Invest and Manage cash using short-term investments.

  • Improve forecasting, efficiency and security.

  • Avoid insolvency.

  • Handle Multi-bank, multi-country and multi-currency cash.

  • Deal with Liquidity.

  • Develop financial supply chain management.

  • Do Electronic invoice payments.

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