The Request for Proposal (RFP) provides entrepreneurs with a simplified approach to locating the most appropriate provider for each job.

What is an RFP (Request for Proposal)?

You’ve been doing the search for service providers for years - but it is time-consuming - and sometimes different information gets to different providers triggering a mix up.

The RFP is a document asking service providers to respond formally to your needs. It presents identical service specifications to each potential supplier.


As a result, you get a level playing field to compare and evaluate who is best for the job.

The RFP shortens the search for providers by eliminating unqualified providers early.

LDI recommends using RFP when the scope of the project is clear, and when there is room for creativity and new ideas.

Your requirements; Our expertise.

We welcome opportunities to sit with you, answer your inquiries, and to put together your RFPs.

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