High Achiever Our Coaches establish dynamic partnerships with you. They give you valuable (sometimes tough) feedback, insight, and guidance from an outside perspective. You achieve your goals and release your potential.

Our Coaching works because you take charge of your business’ goals, marketing, processes, thinking, and relationships.

You redefine your own goals into manageable chunks — so you move yourself closer to where you want to be.

Our coaching comes with encouragement, accountability, and humour!

What can you expect?

With a Learning Direction business coach you can expect to:

  • Set superior goals, establish a rock-solid infrastructure, recruit capable employees.
  • Prepare Business Plans, get financing, find a suitable location (real-estate).
  • Focus on a custom ‘Chart of Accounts’, ‘Inventory Controls’.
  • Learn the finer points of Quick Books, AccPac, Simply Accounting.
  • Establish and monitor internal controls, understand financial reports.
  • Enhance business processes, skills, knowledge, and relationships.
  • Make better decisions.
  • Eliminate negative thinking.
  • Achieve a profitable, balanced, and fun work life.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of performance coaching include:

  • Coaching offers an impartial perspective.
  • The coach brainstorms with you on ways to move ahead.
  • Coaching provides quick, convenient learning of ideas and techniques that might take weeks in management seminars.
  • Your coaching is customized to your specific issues and needs. You drive the action.
  • Coaching helps you become focused as you share ideas and get reactions.

Where does the coaching happen?

Because of today’s technology, you can be anywhere. We deliver:

  • In person,
  • At your office, a coffee shop,
  • By phone or e-mail…

You can be anywhere in the world.

Is coaching for me?

Performance coaching is best suited to:

  • New Business Owners,
  • Entrepreneurs, Business owners,
  • Company executives, Managers,Employees,
  • People changing careers, entering or re-entering the world of work.

In Calgary? Enjoy a Free Introduction!

Learning Direction offers a one-hour coaching session at no cost — to help you discover how coaching can be beneficial to you.

Curtis Harren,
Optimum Profit and Effectiveness
Certified Business Coach
Calgary, Alberta

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