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Adapted from techniques developed by Francis Hartman and Sohail Thaker.

A simple, totally flexible staged and gated process

using ranges in time and money budgets.

Business Success

  • An efficient use of resources including time and money.
  • Simple, non-technical tools.
  • Wide application — projects, business plans, software, much much more…

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Today's situation:

This is a negative view but ain’t it the truth?

  • Projects are often slow, late, and over budget.
  • Deliverables don’t meet expectations.
  • Risks are often un-managed — chances are taken and things happen to limit the efficiency and effectiveness of the project.
  • More often than not success criteria are inadequate or too complex.
  • Projects continue for project’s sake.


How it can be:

Positively, the benefits of using this model:

  • Tangible, clearly defined and measurable deliverables
  • Doing the project right and do the right project; answers to the questions “Where am I?” “Where am I going” “How Long?”
  • Clearly focused plans and directions; tracking to plan.
  • Coordinated resources (people, things, money, and time).
  • Discipline.
  • A success group.
  • An Outside Coach or Mentor.
  • Cautious risk management.
  • Enhanced communication, co creation, cooperation.
  • Fewer surprises.

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