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Corporate Trainer

Learning Direction works with you to train trainers.

This program is for:

  • Corporate Trainers, Managers, Sales Professionals, Supervisors, HR professionals — for all who manage training, teach or mentor adult employees.
  • Contract or in-house trainers, training managers.
  • Newly appointed trainers.
  • Managers and others who work and learn with adults.

Desired Outcomes

This program will expand upon and enhance current skills levels.

Following this experiential and self-directed program, trainers will be able to make significant contributions to learning among the organization’s people and to the effectiveness and efficiency of those who work there.

Completion of the course should enable participants to:

  • Have a clearer idea of the role and function of the corporate trainer, training manager.

  • Apply and adapt key concepts and theories of adult training within the changing contexts of corporate culture.

  • Analyze the interplay between group, individual and organizational needs.

  • Value the capacities and capabilities of adult learners.

  • Assess how needs can be addressed through learning.

  • Develop and maintain professional relationships.

  • Engage in collaborative work practices.

  • Continue professional development.

When this program is complete the learner will…

Know a great deal more about teaching adults including:

  • Terminology,
  • Facts,
  • How to deal with specifics,
  • Principles,
  • Relevant theories and structures.

Comprehend the meaning of materials presented during this program by being able to describe, discuss, explain, generalize, give examples, restate, apply and summarize.

Apply learned information in new and concrete situations to solve problems that may have multiple solutions.

Analyze: break down teaching materials into elements for presentation, develop priorities, set objectives, do planning, draw conclusions, and make inferences.

Synthesize by:

  • Applying learned information,
  • Adapting prior knowledge and skills to produce effective learners,
  • Collaborating combining and communicating,
  • Anticipating individual and group learning styles.

Evaluate: Judge the value of training and learning based on company and personal values and policies, resulting in learning with the dual purpose of personal fulfillment and business production.

Courses of Instruction

This program contains a series of compelling, relevant courses including:

  1. Myths and realities about adult learners.
  2. Trainee needs assessment.
  3. Corporate needs determination.
  4. Elements of program course and session planning.
  5. Program administration including budgets, contracts, marketing and more.
  6. Setting objectives.
  7. Curriculum design options, methods.
  8. Questioning strategies.
  9. Tools including innovative intervention techniques and methods of adult education.
  10. Evaluation methods, techniques for trainees, sessions

Cost, Time and Location

All our services are offered at fixed fees, agreed upon once we have met, assessed the situation and agreed upon the exact level of service you require — in advance and before work begins.


If for any reason you are not fully satisfied, simply tell us and we will increase your level of satisfaction or refund your service fees.

Time, length of service and location are fully negotiable.

For More Information

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