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At LDI BUSINESS SERVICES we work with you; we set you up to do things yourself.

What we do together isn’t going to be new—just better.

With LDI’s Business Services you can expect custom-designed solutions to the far-reaching consequences brought on by COVID 19. For example, because of COVID, the five-day office workweek is a relic. Locally, only 15% of workers are working in company offices. That isn’t going to change anytime soon. For many, remote work is permanent. The consequences for Small Businesses are far-reaching. How do you respond?

For small business people who need a higher level of expertise or experience than they currently have on a fractional, interim, or project basis:

Instructional Design/Delivery, Financing for Expansion, Accounting / Bookkeeping, Startup, Rescue, Succession, Business Plans, H/R, Records Management, Retirement – Succession/Sale/Closeout, Management Coaching/Mentoring.


What We Can Do For You

  • It’s mad how much the small business world is effected by COVID – 19. Nonetheless, opportunities are there for those who want to pivot – a lot or just a little.
  • We do what you want us to do, exactly. You and your business are safe with us.
  • To earn your trust we keep promises; we’re consistent and picky when it comes to details.
  • For a while we’ll be in your face, your go to people but as you grow, we’ll pull back.
  • We want you to think before you do, concentrate on a few things and understand why this is critical.
  • Before we’re finished you will know how NOT to freak out when dealing with large and important challenges.
  • We show how to do what’s right at the right time with the right people. It’s really that simple.
  • You get to take advantage of our network of business-focused specialists.

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30 Years of Experience 

LDI started out as Sune Systems Training and Development in 1993. 842090 Alberta Ltd. was incorporated in August of 1999 and in January 2001, we became LearningDIRECTION Inc. (LDI).

LearningDirection Inc. is a peer consulting and leadership company focused on growing extraordinary businesses across Alberta and beyond. Service, trust and project-based partnerships define us.

We listen carefully, we do research, and we work with you to bring your vision to sustainable success at reasonable cost and with minimum hassle. When you are ready, we leave.

Meet the St Amands

Make Your Own Opportunities

We are Eva and David, a team that brings meaning to 1 + 1 + 1 = 4.

We listen to you, work our magic and together end up with brilliant results.

We aim to be exceptional.

We join our expertise and talents to yours to create success.

Based in Calgary, Alberta,  we choose to work mostly in Western Canada.

Eva specializes in Accounting, David in Learning and Small Business. To your advantage, there’s something special that happens when we do things together that is more than either of us alone.

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Eva : 403.870.7602

David : 403-870-2606